making a 16th century italian dress

Hey everyone!

today i will be talking about making a 16th century italian dress.

my main inspiration for his project was the lovley Morgan Donner. She made a stunning Venetian dress and i was dying to make one for myself. Here are some portraits and fashion plates i used for inspiration:

Under the dress I’m wearing my italian chemise. You can see how i made it here.

Okay. so lets begine. the pattern for the bodice was from the book The Tudor Tailor. I just used the simple kirtle pattern as a base.

I used denim for the base (wrong fabric choice. because denim has a bit of a stretch to it) and cut out all of the pieces 2 times (except the sleeves, of course).

img_20180729_111516Than i pad stitched the layers. It’s not 100% necessary, but i wanted to make sure that the layers stay together and don’t move while i’m sewing the boning channels.


I marked the boning channels placement, sewed then and inserted the boning.


than i sewed around the edges to keep everything together and removed the pad stitches.

The next step was cutting the fashion fabric layer. I got 8 meters of it, and it actually turned out to much more than I needed, I think that 6 meters or 6.5 could be just fine.

I sewed them together, making sure not to catch the upper side of the bodice, so there are no visible stitching on the top. Than i sewed the front and back together, sewed the eyelets, and the base of the bodice was finished!

Than i decided i want to decorate it. So I did some beading.

The next step was the skirt. I decided on cartridge pleats, and it was my first time doing it, so i needed some help. here is a great tutorial by Jennifer Rosbrugh.

cutting the fabric took some space

This skirt is HUGE. I hemmed it by hand and it took hours!


So from some reason, from this point i did not took anymore pictures except sewing the button holes on the sleeves, but you can watch Morgan’s tutorial i linked above.I used a pattern from The Tudor Tailor, add slashes to the top and 3 buttons for closure, and then added bows where the slashed attach to the shoulder seam.


And that’s it! I promise you that this dress looks more scary to make that it actually is. i thought it was out of my level but it turned out awesome!




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